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25% off Mindful Chef with Fire Radio

We've partnered with Mindful Chef to offer you an exclusive promo code RADIO25 which gives you 25% off your first two boxes.

Visit Mindful Chef.

Use our exclusive promo code RADIO25 and get 25% off your first 2 boxes. Visit Mindful Chef.

Discover the UK's Highest Rated Recipe Box Mindful Chef who are a health-focused food box company.

Using ethically sourced produce which they regularly visit. Their approach to helping you lead a healthier life means reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs. As a result, they never deliver pasta, bread or white rice - instead, all their recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables. Leaving you feeling great!

Each box has everything you need to cook delicious healthy recipes...

  • Highest quality meat like grass-fed Yorkshire beef, fresh fish and veg
  • Precise ingredients for zero food waste
  • Easy step by step cooking instructions
  • Recycled denim insulation to keep ingredients cool
  • Meal donated to a child in poverty for each one purchased
  • Free delivery
  • Flexible subscription - skip, pause, cancel or schedule one-off deliveries at any time.

Each meal has the perfect amount of ingredients, so there is no need to go searching the cupboards for that missing ingredient or having to quickly pop out to the shop. No measuring, quick straightforward guidance and AMAZING tasting meals. Re-heated, they taste just as good, and the portion sizes are spot on...

The recipes have been creatively thought out and use exciting ingredients (mostly local produces). All boxes are thoughtfully packed and you can even send back the packaging to reduce waste.

There's also free delivery, no commitment when you order and you can cancel anytime. We think this is the perfect solution for healthy, delicious meals whether it's for one or the whole family with no fuss. All meals are designed to be cooked in under 30 minutes, some much less.

Heard enough? Why not give them a go with this exclusive promo code RADIO25 and get 25% off your first 2 boxes.

Visit Mindful Chef.

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