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Emma Jones

Meet Emma Jones, Fire Radio's Drive presenter. Tune into Emma weekdays from 3pm.

A few things to know about Emma:

Obsessed with: Pizza, especially BBQ base with Pineapple and Sweetcorn (don't judge her)

Pets: 100% dog person. She loves them so much she acts a weird when seeing a dog on the street (don't ask us how...lol)

Unknown fact: she has a scar from a drum cymbal. It's a long story so don't ask.

Favourite thing in Bournemouth: Get breakfast at Boscanova!

She's a total fan of: Crime books and documentaries

The holiday of a lifetime: Road trip around Canada

Fangirl for: Harry Potter Books, definitely a Harry Potter nerd

Things you cannot go without: Painted fingernails. Ever


See what Emma's been doing lately in the videos below!

Contact Emma to get your favourite tune on or just say hello below.



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