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Premium Rate FAQs

About premium rate services and competitions

Premium rate text services and competitions are those for which you are charged through your monthly phone bill or through credit on your mobile phone. These services tend to cost more than a normal text message or phone call. 

How do I know if a number is premium rate?
Any time a premium rate text number is used for a promotion or competition it will be clearly signalled on-air along with the cost of using the service or entering the competition. To ensure you don’t accidentally access a premium rate service or competition we use a different text short code from our usual number. 

How do I know if I have been charged for a premium rate text?
Whenever you use our premium rate text services you will receive a text reply from us letting you know exactly how much you have been charged for using the service. This makes it easy for you to keep track of exactly how much you have been charged if you choose to use the service or enter a competition multiple time.

Are all text short codes charged at a premium rate?
No. Our usual 81400 text short code for contacting the studio is not premium rate. Texts sent to this number are often included in your monthly text bundle or charged at your standard network rate or network access charge depending on the agreement you have with your mobile phone provider.

Why is my text not sending?
Some phone companies have a Premium Rate block installed on their lines as standard. If you are trying to text, your text will fail when you try to send it. You can request for the block to be removed by calling your phone service provider. We’ve provided helpful links below to the main phone providers.

What do ‘standard network rate’ and ‘network access charge’ mean?
We know and will always tell you how much we’re charging you to text us. What we don’t know is how much your phone service provider is also charging you. That depends on the telephone company and what kind of deal you have with them. That’s why you’ll hear us say that you will be charged your ‘standard network rate’ or ‘network access charge’. Every time you send a text, you pay your phone company a fee for doing so. These vary from phone company to phone company and may also vary depending on the number you’re texting to (some networks, for example, may charge less to text someone on the same network than they do for texting someone on a different network). This is known as a ‘standard network rate message’ and is usually charged at around 10p to 12p. The premium rate cost we tell you about is what you pay in addition to whatever charge your network applies. For example, if your text to us costs £1 and your network also charges you 10p per text, then you’ll actually pay £1.10. This should appear on your bill as two separate texts, one that you’ve sent to us charged at 10p and another that you’ve received back from us charged at £1. In the case of premium rate services, texts sent at standard network rate are not included in any bundles you may have as part of your deal with your phone companies and will always incur a charge. 

Am I’m being charged for receiving texts from the radio station?
No. Any texts that start with ‘FreeMsg’ are free to receive.

I want to stop receiving messages
To opt out of our free marketing messages, just text STOP to 65115 (1 standard network rate message). For full details, please see the terms and conditions.

Can I access Premium Rate Services from abroad?
Premium Rate services will not work if you are calling or texting from outside of the UK. Unfortunately, if you are on holiday or away on business, you will not be able to interact with our premium rate services or competitions.

What if somebody other than the bill payer has used my phone?
If you believe that someone other than you have used your phone to access premium rate services and applied charges to your bill without your permission, you should contact your phone provider who will be able to advise you on applying additional security settings. Because details of your account are secure between you and your phone provider, we are unable to help directly with this.

Is my personal information safe?
Yes. Whenever you use our premium rate services or enter a premium rate competition the only personal information you are sharing with us if you phone number. This will only be used by us to contact you if you win one of our competitions, we never pass your data to a third party or use it for anything other than the premium rate service you have expressly chosen to use or enter.

What if I have a query about your Premium Rate Services?
If you think there is a problem with one of our premium rate services or competitions, you can in the first instance report this directly on 02380 384101. There is no premium rate charge for calling this number.

How do I make a complaint?
Please put your complaint in writing to prs@celador.co.uk, or send by post to the Premium Rate Services Manager, Celador Radio Limited, Suite 2 Paddington House, Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7LJ

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